Intervjuu: kuidas üks noor Itaalia moelooja leidis Eestist oma uue kodu (ENG)

Kui paljud noored kodumaised moeloojad otsivad õnne piiri tagant, sattus mõnda aega tagasi vahetusõpilasena Eestisse õppima Itaaliast pärit Elisabetta Silvestri, kes armus siinsesse elusse nii väga, et otsustaski mõneks ajaks Tallinnasse jääda. Miks ja kuidas, selgitab ta juba ise. Loe meie ingliskeelset intervjuud!


Elisabetta, who are you?

Let’s say I’m a little monkey from Italy.

A monkey?

Yes, it’s kind of a symbol of this year.

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Right. Tell me about your first collection The Year of Monkey.

The Year of Monkey is a mixture of where I come from and my present. It’s colourful, ironical metaphor about people, behaviours and cultures. I had fun with proportions, colours and fabric manipulation. I like funny things and jokes.

It’s a “non-gender” collection and most of the garments are oversized. Materials’ research was a big part of the work: I combined old “leftover” fabrics with industrial basic materials.

Where did the name come from?

We all come from monkeys.

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You had a shoot with our photographer Silver Mikiver. Tell me more about it!

The whole crew was great! (I was the one that was late.) We previously checked the place together with Silver and a few weeks later we had the shoot. He knows what to do. I really like his visual aesthetic.

What are your plans for the near future? A new collection?

Don’t know yet, usually when I make plans, they go bad. Anyway I hope to make a new one.

“It’s easier to get good collaborations as the community is smaller.”

Why did you decide to move to Estonia?

I moved here for a matter of study as I did my Erasmus in EKA. After it ended, I somehow felt that it wasn’t enough, so I moved here to finish my BA. In my opinion, compared to Italy the education system here works so much better. Also it’s easier to get good collaborations as the community is smaller.


Which locations are your favourite in Estonia?

EKA, Statoil, Humana and Balti Jaam. I spend most of the time in EKA, Statoil has the best take away open 24h, I love 1€ days at Humana and Balti Jaam is the best place to find lost diamonds.

Are you going to stay in Estonia?

I would like to but let’s see what happens in the future. Tallinn is a safety spot where to come back to. It feels like home.

Collection: The Year of Monkey by Elisabetta Silvestri
Pildid: Silver Mikiver
MUAH: Greete Raudkats
Modell: Marten Padama