Throwback to last winter – The Faction Collective in Estonia

With winter approaching again, it’s probably the best time to reminisce about past winter and hit your daily adrenaline boost with this crazy video.

Helina Mäll

The Faction Collective is a part of the Faction Skis brand (one of the fastest-growing ski brands in the world) but as a creative collective they go all out to produce awesome ski videos.

They travel all over the world to film their material and last winter we got lucky, the Faction Collective crew came to Estonia to film one part of the video called “We Are the Faction Collective: #S02E02.”


Just so you can experience a full throwback to winter, we suggest you look at that video again and then carry on reading what Etienne Mérel, one of the authors of that video, had to say for himself.


How did it happen that Faction Collective came to film here?

Etienne: Diversity is the reason for that. Every year we are looking for a different place to film a new episode of our webseries and after searching for a place with snow and cities, Estonia came up.


You have filmed in different locations – do you have a favourite place?

Etienne: In Estonia we enjoyed Tartu – it’s a nice student city with good food and good shooters bars!

In the rest of the world – Argentina is amazing for skiing and traveling.


For how long have you done videos? And why have you decided to be behind the camera?

Etienne: I started filming with my friends when I was 15. But professionally four years ago.

I’m behind the camera because it’s easier to earn one’s living behind the camera than in front of it.


Watching your videos, everything looks so easy – you’re traveling, skiing, having fun with the crew, but what’s the hardest part of shooting a video?

Etienne: There are several hard parts of shooting a video: find the right place, get a good angle, capture every interesting lifestyle moment of the session and, of course, do not miss the action shot!


You are also part of the Crapules team – tell us more about that.

Etienne: Crapules is a group of friends, based in Grenoble, France. We do a lot of freeski videos through the year with a touch of fun.

You can find more about us on our homepage or facebook.
Faction Collective Instagram

Your videos all have great tunes – what kind of music do you have in your playlist?

Etienne: I listen to a lot of different kind of music, but mostly hiphop, electronic music and alternative rock.

Author: Helina Mäll
Editor: Ülli Saar

Photo: Pierre Augier/Faction Collective