Finnish rapper View dropping a single “Deeper (Bitch Leave a Comment)”

View, considered one of the greatest talents in Finnish urban music scene, is going to release a new single “Deeper (Bitch Leave A Comment) feat. Ronya” tomorrow which will be the first single on View’s highly anticipated debut album, planned to be released during spring 2017.

Me and Juuso (View) had a short conversation about his new song and signing a major label Sony. Take a look at the teaser video and flick through our interview!

Be one step ahead of the whole world and listen to View’s new song “Deeper (Bitch Leave a Comment) feat. Ronya”.

Today at 20.00. Hooligan Hamlet @ MyHits Radio.



What is the message behind the song?

The song is about a relationship, long relationship and how it comes to an end. I wanted to express the things a person goes through at that time. I think it is a break-up song, to be honest.



Was it tough?

Yeah, it was really tough. Tough to make. It is really personal for me.

Why did you pick Ronya as a feature artist?

It’s a good question. Me and my producer Joonas Laaksoharju wanted to make music with her. At least what I know is that Ronya hasn’t done a feature before and she wanted to do it with us. I think she is one of the best Finnish female singers. That is the main reason, she is just so god damn good.

You are releasing the song with a video. Can you tell us more about it?

We shot the video in Iceland. We were there for 5 days, shooting straight every day. I think it is the best video we have made so far. We got a lot of emotions on the tape and you can see that I am really broken in that video.



So you shot the video straight after you recorded the song?

The video was made one month after we made the song. It has a lot of emotions in it.

Why did you pick Iceland?

They have black sand beaches. The visuals at the beach fit perfectly with the video. The black sand beaches were the reason we shot the music video there.

You are releasing the song under your new label Sony. How did that happen?

Actually Sony contacted us. Different major labels in Finland were very interested in our music. We wanted to make a deal that supports our music and make sure the company doesn’t decide what kind of music we make, Sony was perfect because of that. A great label.



Do you think that major labels have an impact on an artist’s music? Can they tell you what to do or do you have full freedom?

Our deal is that we can make the kind of music we want to. If you think about other Finnish artists, the labels really guide the artists. In Finland artists and labels don’t want to release albums anymore. They are concentrating on single releases. But we are releasing an album and it is a great blessing for us.


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