Leedust pärit artist ANGELOU loob muusikat Inglismaal (ENG)

Anželika Petrauskaite ehk ANGELOU on artist Klaipedast, kes elab ja loob hetkel muusikat Birminghamis. Nii mõnus kui Birmingham ka ei oleks, tekitas hiljutine bändiproov Londonis Anželikas soovi enda tegemistega kolida. Suurem osa ajast on Anželika arvuti taustapildiks Logic muusikaprogramm, mille tõestus jõuab tihtipeale enne päiksetõusu Instagrami “lugude” sekka. Nii nagu üks tark mees ütles „Usu endasse ja tegele asjadega, mis sind stimuleerivad, siis tuleb ka edu“. Anželika omab sama mindset‘i.

Allpool tuleb juttu Anželika debüüt EP’st, mille kaanepildi on teinud ei keegi muu kui @skorju. Ma olen seda pilti näinud ja see on kuld. Respekt Stefanile ka selle eest, et mees on enda loominguga spetsialiseerunud ja teeb seda edukalt. Inspiratsioon.

Naudi lühikest inglisekeelset intervjuud ja värsket materjali nii silmale kui ka kõrvale.


I would say Angelou is an alternative R&B singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Lithuania. Although no one in my family was professionally occupied with music, my father was the first person who introduced me to different genres of it. I grew up surrounded mostly by the vinyl sounds of blues and rock, as my father used to play it in our household all the time. I fell in love with electric guitars and crunchy voices of Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Guns and Roses. Not long after that my brother introduced me to the scene of Western R&B and Hip-Hop scene, which I instantly felt the passion and love for. The mixture of these genres had a great influence on my musical development and also has a great reflection on my music now. I have always had a very DIY mentality when it comes to recording and editing music or video material. I was constantly chasing the idea of being as much self-reliant as possible. I am just too impatient. I would rather learn how to do specific things myself than wait for someone else to do it for me.


Leedust pärit artist ANGELOU loob muusikat Inglismaal (ENG)


How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as a mysterious, foggy atmosphere where anything can happen accompanied by some soothing-vocals on top. Intimate and highly sensuous, it is blending elements of a darker spectrum of alternative RnB.


Leedust pärit artist ANGELOU loob muusikat Inglismaal (ENG)


What can people see and hear right now? 

I recently released my first single from my debut EP “Vision A” called “Grip”. The second track from the upcoming EP called “Hush” features Timbaland’s recent discovery JR Castro. Also, another feature on the song is Tre Capital, for which I am really excited about. Track itself sounds like an open love letter coming from a very honest place and is comfortable in it’s vulnerability. This track was inspired by a lot of different emotions and thoughts. One day I just sat in front of the microphone and sang everything I wanted that person to know.



What aspects did you focus on when making this upcoming EP?

I am planning to release my debut visual EP in the upcoming weeks with two more videos in the near future. The title of the EP “Vision A” was inspired by the conviction and obstinacy in trusting your vision and most importantly embracing the journey towards it, while accepting everything what gets in the way, both sacrifices and wins. It’s a personal look at these aspects that include love, relationships, self-questioning and evolving as an individual. Different emotions fluctuate during this journey in each of the songs.


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Photos: @zilverr

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