Interview: william – hottest name in Finnish hip hop right now released his album “Boy Wonder” (ENG)

His name is william, he comes from a small town in Finland and he owns the Spotify record in Finland for the most days on top 1 spot. He just released his new album “Boy Wonder”, also currently sitting on top 1 spot in Finland, and is soon releasing a collaboration song with the Estonian artist Margiiela. I tried to find out who william is and what makes him stand out. As we all probably know, Finnish people are more about doing and less about talking, so william kept his answers short and concrete. Read the interview below and go listen to his new album on Spotify.



Hey william. What’s up? How’s it going? Everyone healthy?
Everythings great actually. Been out of the studio for a few weeks now since I got the album out. Doing different sports and focusing on my wellbeing.

I have to honest, we don’t know a lot about you here in Estonia, so let’s kick things off with basics – where are you from exactly?
I’m from Rauma, a 50k pop small city of Finland. Been living in Helsinki for the past year.

If you met a random person on an airplane and would have to explain to her/him who are you – how would you describe yourself?
I’d say I’m an entrepreneur, if they dont know who I am, so there won’t be a questioning.

It is really hard to put music in a box these days, but as an artist I think everyone has some category for their own music in their mind – how would you categorize your music, your sound?
I’d say something between hip hop and r’n’b. Really hard to say, some of my new shit could be pop too.


“I got my own sound. When you hear my stuff, you can tell it’s me.” – william


What do you do differently? Why people care more about you than any other Finnish rapper?
I got my own sound. When you hear my stuff, you can tell it’s me. That’s something every big artist needs in my opinion.

What is your biggest achivement in music for now? What are you most proud of?
Probably the record of most days in top 1 Finland (137 days). What I’m most proud of? My new album and how I got to express myself on it.


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I heard you’re collaborating with an estonian artist margiiela – why is uniting music in this way important for you?
I liked the guy and his music, so why not give something to Estonia too! S/O margiiela.

How did this collaboration happened? Who’s idea it was, how did you meet, how did you record etc?
We met through my a&r (artists and repertoire), I think they are doing work together too.

Are record labels important today? Or is social media doing all the work for artists?
Of course they are, they invest in you and you can focus on the music!!

Finnish music scene is so much bigger than Estonian. How do you deal with all the attention and fame mentally? I imagine coming from a small town this is not something you are use to from an early age.
You gotta listen to my new album, I’m opening up about this stuff there. But yeah, it wasn’t easy at first, just got to get use to it.

How do you keep your mind pure if you are tired of music and working? What do you do to keep yourself happy and calm?
Do sports, hangout with friends, stay with my family.


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Other than music – what else is important for you in life?

What happens next for william? What big things are coming?
Collab tape with fellow finnish rap artist called Sexmane.

When will we see you in Estonia?
I don’t know yet, someone has to book me I guess.

To wrap things up – you have any tips for Estonian artists how to go big in Spotify?
Just do some bangers, if they’re good enough, they will eventually go big.

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